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Review: You'll Get Through This | By Max Lucado

In the book you will find: –

– It won’t be easy.

– It will take time.

– This mess will be used by God for His glory.

– Keep calm and don’t be stupid.

– Don’t despair.

– You can overcome this with God’s help

These words are used to describe a number of really bad situations, which Max Lucado describes at the beginning. We see situations such as the one where a woman abandons her three children to her husband. Another example is that of a man losing his job due to a nonsense. Other cases are also popular.

Max then begins to tell us about Joseph, the son and ancestor of Jacob. We can read his biblical story in Genesis from chapter 37.

Step by step, through 15 chapters, analyze Joseph’s life. It starts with the first dreams that he shared his parents and siblings, and ends with the time that everything changes and he meets his family years later.

I have to admit that Max Lucado was the first book I had read. It’s not because I didn’t have the opportunity.

What I’ve read, I enjoyed.

Because it alternates between the unfortunate stages of Jose’s childhood, light and shadows, with real people with names or surnames. This brings you closer and helps you to see things in a new way. It is not trivial, it is far more real. It could be the exact opposite.

He is not afraid to share personal stories about his friends’ suffering, his father’s death or his wife’s depression. Show readers that Christians today have problems, too. Many of these problems are similar to those of Jose.

Our relationships with friends, family and as couples aren’t perfect. Not all bosses are perfect. Sometimes, really terrible things happen to us. Sometimes we lose someone we love due to illness or lose our home, job, and our house unexpectedly. These things are not learning opportunities. We don’t always understand the world and we have difficulty understanding it.

Max Lucado does an important and necessary thing: He reminds us of God’s faithfulness. It is evident that God is faithful every day, if we take the time to reflect on it. This reminds us that God is faithful to Joseph Daniel, David and Nehemiah in their blessings and problems. He will also be faithful for us. It is the same God that works in us today. We can trust Him no matter what. It doesn’t matter what happens.


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