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Review: The Mike Macujo Method

A fabulous and informative book to answer all of your drug test related questions, and most importantly, what you need to do in order to pass a hair follicle drugs test.

The book begins with a rundown of the reasons why hair follicle drug tests are used and the differences between the standard Macujo method and this amazing new Mike’s Macujo method, which is proven to be more effective and long-lasting.

The book is carefully written to make it easy to read for any audience and is complimented with helpful images and product recommendations to ensure that the instructions are easy to follow.

Readers will then learn all about the different products that they’ll need to make the method a success and understand how each ingredient contributes to the fantastic results, complete with pictures to make sure you add exactly the right items to your shopping list.

It’s absolutely foolproof, with the author approaching the topic with a very down to earth attitude which is clearly designed to make the reader feel at ease. The small, trustworthy companion is comprised of only 6 pages, jam packed full of useful information and effective techniques to help the reader pass a hair follicle drugs test, even if they’re a regular user.

The quick program even has quick and easy step-by-step instructions that help to prepare in the weeks leading up to the test and help to do a last-minute check with ‘on the test day’ instructions too, so readers can feel totally confident.

For those that need a crash course to cover an unexpected test, there are quick tips and tricks to maintain your hair and scalp health too, so your hair doesn’t have to suffer from repeat washes. There’s even guidance on how to treat your hair depending on the types of drug you use, how frequently and in varied quantities, so you can easily tailor the course exactly to your experiences and needs.

For those that have shaved hair, or ample body hair, there’s a section especially for you to help you understand the implications of body hair testing and what you can do to avoid it.

Finally, there’s an FAQ section right at the back which covers any of your unanswered questions to give you peace of mind. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the author even leaves his contact details so you can get specialist help at your fingertips.

A brilliant, well-thought-out guide to ensure you pass your hair follicle drug test the first time!


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