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Review: Outlier By Malcolm Gladwell

This book is a wonderful opener because of a number of reasons. But mainly, it examines common misconceptions about success and what makes someone successful.

Before reading this book, I may have replied “talent, hardwork, and perseverance” to the question of what makes a person successful.

These qualities are all important for success, but my theory overlooks one key characteristic: the environment.

Time is a key factor in success. So are their cultural norms and geographic location.

“Who we are and where we came from cannot be separated”

Malcolm Gladwell

Summary Notes

  • You can master any subject if you work 10,000 hours.
  • This is approximately equivalent to working 40 hours per week for 5 years.
  • It takes most people about 10 years.
  • Your skills will not help you after you have passed a skill threshold.
  • It matters which month you were born

This book will be enjoyed by many.

This book will help you to understand the reasons behind success and how certain people have been successful in history (e.g. Bill Gates, chapter 2). The chapter on the 10,000 hour rule is the most useful. This refers to the time required to master a skill. A person can succeed by dedicating 10,000 hours to their success if they are in the right place at right time. Mozart is another example in this chapter. The rule rings more true the more you apply it.

These concepts can be applied to your own successes and failures as you read the book. You have already taken this book off the shelves. By looking at it through an introspective lens you can see a clearer path to your goals.


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