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Hi, Welcome to Bell B Comic – Book Reviews

This site is all about reviewing books and I think that it is so good having the internet now so that you can find out what others might rate or think about a specific book that you are thinking about buying. I think that it is time well spent to gain insight if a book is approved by a good quality review prior to purchasing and investing your own time in reading that book.

On this page I have featured my newest posts that you can read.

So, if you want to know a little bit about a book so that it can help you decide whether to purchase it or not then please read on.

After you have checked out my reviews, be sure to return again. For now, I’ll write additional overviews of books that you may well like to purchase.


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Hey, Campbell here.

I am a literary enthusiast. It's not just books I like but comics to. In fact, I grew up on comics and have now progressed to fiction and nonfiction books. I love them both.

I've been wanting to start this blog for a long time and am happy to say it has arrived.

Check it out!

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